Sunday, June 26, 2005, Highlights:

Dinner - Depart for a private Moroccan style dinner at Darna in the New City of Jerusalem. You will be joined by Deputy Governor - Bank of Israel, Dr. Meir Sokoler.

Monday, June 27, 2005, Highlights:

Fly via private plane & helicopter to the Galilee Region in Northern Israel where you will be met by Brigadier General and Former Minister of Housing and Construction Effie Eitam.

Visit the Golan Heights, which are located along the border of Israel and Syria. The strip of territory known as the Golan Heights has been a source of contention between the two countries since 1948. During the six day war in 1967, the IDF climbed the Golan and freed the Israeli residents of the North from the Syrian military presence on the Golan. For the 19 years that Syria ruled the Golan, the area was used as a military platform for continuous attacks against the settlements in the Hula, Galilee and Jordan Valley. Only after taking over the Golan, was it found how vital the area is for the security of Israel and for maintaining the water sources. Gain a deeper understanding of the Galilee and the Golan’s essential role to Israel’s security from General Eitam.
Visit a military base and have lunch with the officers and soldiers.
Continue to the city of The Kabbalah – Safed located in Northern Israel in the mountains of the Upper Galilee. It commands magnificent views east to the Golan, north to the Hermon and Lebanon, west to Mt. Meron and the Amud Valley, and south to Tiberias and the Kinneret (Sea of Galilee). Walk through the old part of town where narrow cobblestone alleys reveal artists' galleries, medieval synagogues, private homes and small guest houses. Visit the ancient synagogue and artists colony as you feel Safed's enchanted atmosphere, its fascinating history and the vibrations of Jewish Mysticism engulfing the surrounding landscape.
Return via helicopter flight or light planes to Jerusalem.
Dinner - Enjoy cocktails and dinner at the Museum of Biblical Sources, Ein Karem, Jerusalem. You will be joined by Minister Haim Ramon.
Enjoy a Late Night Cigar & Single Malt Bar while networking with top VC’s in the Life Science field at the David Citadel Hotel.

Tuesday, June 28, 2005, Highlights:

Private Breakfast. Please note that the touring group leaves the hotel at 8:00am.

Presentations by the following Israeli Companies: Cell-Cure, Ltd; Protalix Biotherapeutics Ltd.; Opimata; HealOr Ltd.; IntecPharma; Gamida-Cell; Proneuron Biotechnologies, Inc.; BarNev; Glucon Medical Ltd.; OrSense Ltd.; MonaLiza Medical Ltd.; Nicast; Elutex; NeuroTrax Corp.; CorAssist Cardiovascular Ltd.

Lunch at the David Citadel hotel for all participants.

Travel for a special visit through the Old City of Jerusalem, visit the Cardo and the subterranean Western Wall Tunnels. Even if you've been through the tunnels before, this time you will experience the power of the site like never before. Then take a stroll through the City of David for an amazing experience.
Join us for a memorable dinner at the impeccably restored ancient Citadel of Jerusalem in David's Tower. Cross the deep moat and enter through the massive ancient stonewalls into the realm of history from the Hellenistic period to our time. Stroll through the beautiful museum exhibits within the high vaulted halls and along the paths and bridges throughout the archeological gardens to our dinner venue, you will be joined by Senior Advisor to the Prime Minister Dr. Raanan Gissin.
10:30pm: Enjoy a Late Night Cigar & Single Malt Bar while networking with top VC’s in the Life Science field at the David Citadel Hotel. Hosted by Pitango Venture Capital.

Wednesday, June 29, 2005, Highlights:

Presentations by the following Israeli Companies: Atox Bio Inc.; Pharmos Ltd.; Sol-Gel Technologies Ltd.; Procognia Ltd.; ObeCure; Vecta Ltd.; Compugen, Ltd; QuantomiX Ltd.; Solubest; BrainStorm; Insight Pharmaceuticals; Aliroo; Polyheal; Target-In; Nutrinia.
You will visit Beit Horon, the central training camp for the anti-terrorist forces of the Israeli Police and the Border Police. During the visit, we will be briefed by top experts, view a display of equipment and witness exercises related to anti-terror, Bio Terror and Chemical Terror warfare. This highly specialized and top security clearance facility is being opened especially for our mission. An experience you won’t want to miss!
Private meeting with Minister of Health, Dan Naveh, at the David Citadel Hotel.
Gala Awards Dinner at The Davidson Center, Old City Jerusalem. You will be joined by Vice Prime Minister Shimon Peres and Mayor of Jerusalem, Uri Lupolianski.
Enjoy a Late Night Cigar & Single Malt Bar with top Israeli leaders at the David Citadel Hotel.

Thursday, June 30, 2005, Highlights:

LIFE SCIENCE CONFERENCE — “The Business Behind Science.”

    A Long Term View to Building a Successful Biotech Company.
U.S. Capital Market Opportunities for Israeli Companies.
How to Commercialize Medical Device Products from an Israeli Base.
What is Big Pharma looking for now and how do they want to buy it?
Investing in Israel: A US Perspective.

Friday, July 1, 2005, Highlights:

Depart via bus for Masada. Ascend the cliff top fortress by cable car. As you explore the ancient remains of these fortifications, King Herod's palaces, storerooms and baths, you will hear about the spirit of its last Jewish defenders. These Zealots held out for three years against the legions of Flavius Silva and chose to die as free men at their own hands in preference to Roman slavery. From the top of Masada, the outlines of the Roman encampments are still visible below. Descend by cable car. It is possible to descend on foot via the old Roman Ramp, or snake path.

Finish the morning at The Mineral Beach, situated at the north of the Dead Sea, where you can enjoy a sulphate pool where the waters come directly from a natural sulphate spring situated about 500m south of the beach. The spring waters well forth from the bottom of the earth at a natural steady temperature of 42C degrees, and reaches the pool at a temperature of 39C degrees. Or, enjoy the natural healing mud. It is possible to pick off the natural mud and the mud is excellent for improving and reinforcing the root hairs, for the increase of the blood cycle, and for the renewal of skin cells, take a quick swim at the Dead Sea.
Lunch at the “Shuk” (Open Market) in Jerusalem.
Dinner: Enjoy a Traditional Shabbat Dinner at the hotel with Rabbi Shalom Shwartz.

Saturday, July 2, 2005, Highlights:

Breakfast: Enjoy breakfast on your own in the main hotel dining room.

Shabbat Morning Services are available throughout Jerusalem. Arrangements will be made for guests who wish to participate.
Lunch Options:
    Option 1: Enjoy Shabbat lunch in the hotel dining room.
Option 2: Home hospitality is available for those participants wishing to experience a traditional Shabbat lunch. Arrangements will be made in advance for those who are interested.
Afternoon Touring: Optional guided walking tour of Jerusalem for those who are interested.
Havdallah: With Rabbi Shalom Shwartz.
Late evening departure for the airport.